Saving Lake Urmia

The northwest part of Iranian highland, includes the great part of the land which is known as Azerbaijan in the history. There has been the second saltiest lake in this region. This lake has been known as "Lake Urmia". The name of the lake comes from the city Urmiye which is settled in the west and which is the second biggest city of Azerbaijan. In Azerbeyjan Turkish which is used as The mother tongue of Azerbaijan and in in Urmiye, the lake and the city are both called "Urmu city and Lake Urmu".  Lake Urmia has a great importance in its own ecosystem. It’s a home for many kinds of birds and living creatures.  At the same time The Lake Urmia is recorded as biosfer reserver by UNESCO. But recent years as a result of Iran’s faulty policies and because of the new sets which have been constructed on the rivers running towards the lake, six thousand kilometres square big lake becomes %70 smaller than its natural size, and it becomes salt rocks. According to the researchers the reasons of drying are; 90 % people’s mistakes, wrong water management policies and the new constructed sets. Some scientists think that a second Lake Aral disaster has been living and in case that lake becomes dry, it will cause a big destruction for regional ecosystems, birds and the other living creatures’ habitats. Salt storms will effect a very large land and over 15 million people in that region will be effected badly. The result will certainly be a disaster. To prevent this environmental disaster “the rescue suggestion” whic was suggested in 16th August, 2011, was refused by the İslamic Conseil Assambly also known as Iran Parlaiment. This action was protested mainly in Tebriz and Urmia, and the other Azerbaijanian Turkish cities by people and groups. We want the help of all environmentalits and green screens and green people to recreate the Lake Urmia and to stop killing the nature. For that reason to give out our voice to the World we start a campaigne in internet. In the first pace of our campaigne, we will paste this text under the every Picture of facebook pages of National Geographic. Join our campaigne and support us in our struggle . Fort he Lake Urmia.
For a green planet.
and the city are both called "Urmu city and Lake Urmia".
Ahmet Uyar