Belgian company ready to try to restore Lake Urmia

A Belgian company has announced that it is ready to try to restore Iran’s Lake Urmia, 70 percent of which has dried up over the past few years.
Trackable Engineering Company has put in a request to Iran’s Foreign Ministry in this regard, IRNA reported on Friday. The plan is also being followed up by a member of the Iranian parliament.
The company has estimated the project would cost €1 million and would be completed within three years.
The Belgian company has a track record of restoring the Dead Sea.
Lake Urmia, in the northwest of Iran, is experiencing its worst condition for the past 50 years. The level of the lake’s water has been declining since 1995.
In October 2012, Iranian Environment Protection Organization Director Mohammad Javad Mohammadizadeh said during Iranian calendar year 1390 (March 2011- March 2012), about 2 billion cubic meters of water were transferred to the lake.
Lake Urmia is the third largest salt water lake on earth with a surface area of approximately 5,200 square kilometers.
Experts say the construction of dams on rivers feeding the lake and also droughts have significantly decreased the annual amount of water Lake Urmia receives. They also say that the construction of a bridge across the lake has upset its ecological balance.

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